The Elwyn Brooks White of music

John Vanderslice – “Time to Go” (Mp3)

Omit needless words, wrote the greatest writer of the past century.? E.B. White could construct a sentence like no other.? Every part of each sentence was essential, nothing was messy or out of place.? If he were reading this, I’m sure he would have already made several corrections.? Such is his genius.

John Vanderslice writes nothing like E.B. White, at least thematically, but his music feels as if everything about it is essential.? When so many musicians write compositions that wander and feel structurally wobbly, Vanderslice is tight and well-heeled.? There is nothing masturbatory about either E.B. White or John Vanderslice.

“Time to Go” is epic and clocks in at just 2 minutes and 30 seconds.? Though it’s his shortest composition on the foreboding Emerald City,? it’s by far one of his best.? Every instrument is playing the same beat, the same melody, the same 1-2 rythme.? Vanderslice’s voice just haunts the song, repeating in a manner the shear necessity of leaving and surviving a horrible situation.? There’s something foreboding coming over the hill, but I don’t want to stick around to find out what.

See the video for the song over at MOKB, which was recorded as part of a blogging world tour.? Essentially Vanderslice recorded every song from Emerald City live and sent them to various blogs.? Kind of a cool idea.

Emerald City is out on Barsuk Records and can be purchased here.

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