The Grates: Gravity Won’t Get You High

It’s been so depressing up here in Boston the past few days. Overcast, miserable and snowy. Yeah, it snowed yesterday. So what to do to cheer me up. Well, like everyone else I’ll throw on some tunes. For me it’s got to have horns and jangling guitars, hand claps and whistles. It’s got to feel like sunshine and fuck off it’s summer. Intropsective lyrics need not apply.

Luckily for me I’m shallow and I readily judge books, albums, and people by their covers. Otherwise I’d never had the pleasure of digging on The Grates last year. Their LP “Gravity Won’t Get You High” was one of my favs, maybe even the album I listened to more than any other. Coincidentally, the band members design all the album artwork and it was the odd picture of the giraffe that pulled me in. What can I say, I’m a sucker for giraffes. Chiggity check it.

The three-piece Aussies deliver the goods. You’ve got an energetic chick lead singer (who’s hottness doesn’t hurt. that’s her on the left) in Patience Hodgson, with an emotive voice to boot, serviceable drumming in Alana Skyring and guitarist John Patterson rocks it. The best way to describe them would be if the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were less talented, had a sense of humor and wrote catchier, more pop sensible songs. Which is to say that I much prefer them to Karen O’s pretentious dribble.

Anyway, anyone who’s seen them tour recently with We Are Scientists, as in four or five months ago, might attest to the Brisbane group blowing W.A.S. off the stage. This is fun music, like the worst kind of crack. You know deep down you shouldn’t like it, but more often than not you’re rocking out to it in your car, when you wake up, before you go out to the bars, while you’re showering. And no, my crack habit isn’t as bad as my Grates habit.

Either way, I have no reason to write about them, no news hook, no new releases, just an unadulturated love for them. Aussie, aussie, aussie! oy, oy, oy, oy!

Anyway some video, from their 3/20/06 show at Walter’s in Houston, of “19-20-20” (so you understand just how much energy Patience brings to every show). The sound quality isn’t good, but you’ve got to love a band that treats every concert like it could be their last. And some tracks from their debut LP “Gravity Won’t Get You High.”

Mp3: The Grates – “Inside Outside”

Mp3: The Grates – “19-20-20”

Mp3: The Grates – “Science is Golden”

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