The Morning Catch

Just some stuff to start you off on your long day at the cubicle.? Anyone else watching Greek?? It’s on ABC Family of all places and it’s a shame that the show is on ABC Family and not a station that could do Greek Life on a college campus justice.? But it is worth watching for Clark Duke (of Clark and Michael fame) playing a redneck religious freak.? Anyway, I digress.

Chief Justice John Roberts had a seizure while on vacation in Maine.

– In all the hubabaloo of Sen. Hillary Clinton becoming the first female president, and the focus of Bill’s inevitable panty raids as first man, has anyone thought about Chelsea Clinton becoming the first first child in history to have that honor twice?

AOL is streaming new albums this week from the likes of Korn, Common, G. Love and Shivaree. ?

Yes!? What’s up with the trend of slightly aging future hall of famers coming to Boston?? I dunno, but as pumped about the Randy Moss suiting up with the Pats, the Celtics just picked up Kevin Garnett!? This would have been awesome five years ago, but hell at least the Celtics are sort of relevant again. ??

– The Dude always abides.? Check out this awesome piece Jeff Bridges wrote for the Guardian about being The Dude.

– We’re still looking for any and all Harry Potter related information.? Thankfully, we’ve got The Leaky Cauldron to turn to.? They’ve just posted a transcript with mastermind J.K. Rowling.

– The CW has put up the first episode of their new show The Reaper.? Word is it’s one of the most promising new shows this fall season.? Judge for youself.? If you need a code use this one: 082507

Premiere Magazine has a little feature about “The 20 Hottest New Faces of Comedy”

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