The Morning Catch

Let’s just dive right into it shall we…

Tegan and Sara will entertain you this afternoon with a live performance on NPR.

Woody Allen pays tribute to his favorite filmmaker, the late Ingmar Bergman. The neurotic filmmaker also reveals that director Michelangelo Antonioni, who passed away the same day as Bergman was an exceptional ping-pong player. Weird.

– Can’t make it to Chicago for Lollapalooza? No worries, lots of sets will be streamed live over the weekend. It’ll be like actually being there, except for not having to shell out all that money for tix. Strangely, in Baltimore the Virgin Music Festival is going on this weekend, but you can’t stream that live and we say boo to them.

– Writer/director Roger Avary (he co-wrote Pulp Fiction) has signed on to lend his talents for a big screen adaptation of the video game Wolfenstein. That game essentially created the market for first person shooter games, which pretty much means the movie is going to suck like Doom.

– A California firefighter took home the title of America’s Inventor when he won the $1 million dollar prize on ABC’s show. What was his invention? Well, I dunno. But it had something to do with safe guarding Christmas Trees from getting torched Clark Griswold style.

– HA HA HA.? Posh Spice and BFF Katie Holmes are cheap, stiffing? a waitress.? As in they left her zero tip and when the waitress went out after her to find out the deal, she was prevented from making contact by Posh’s security team.? Sucks for the waitress, but it sucks even more that the two celebutantes are cheap.

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