The Morning Catch

Hey ya’ll!? Sad news but Glynnie didn’t make it out to Chi-town for Lolla, as we previously reported.? At this point, if you really care and our video evidence wasn’t enough, we’re sure you can find plenty of reports floating around.? Took the day off yesterday to take care of shit and we’re glad we did.? It was a much deserved day off.

Both The Bourne Ultimatum and The Handsome Furs rocked my socks off.? I felt like both the movie and the concert at T.T.’s just left me feeling exhausted.? Check them both out if you get the chance.? The Handsome Furs played to a packed club and played all the songs off their new album, plus new song “Heaven” and ended with “Captain.”? All in all, couldn’t ask for much more.

Oddly, I had a thought that if The Beatles were around today, how much longer their career as a band would have lasted.? Not to compare Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner to Lennon and McCartney or anything (Egats!? The blasphemy!), but you get the sence in following their Wolf Parade side projects these past few years that Lennon and McCartney would have benefitted from being allowed to do solo albums or side projects back in the day.

I’ve got The Battles album Mirrored in rotation this morning, and I think it may go down as the most oddly hyped and when the year is over, the one album, most critics will look back on and history will not be kind to.? How is this album getting such stellar reviews?? Beats me.? We’ll have some more cogent thoughts later.

Onto the candy-colored water cooler barnicle tidbits.

– While getting oddly addicted to ABC Family’s Greek, we were shocked when Bree showed up as a sorority house pledge.? After watching the conclusion to the Lonelygirl15 first season over the weekend, we were a little sad when Bree died at the hands of a blood thirsty cult.? Big kudos all around to the filmmakers for creating one of the weirdest and oddly compelling and abrupt leftturnedness series ever. ? One thing is clear, actress Jessica Lee Rose is a welcomed addition to the ABC Family show.

– Tired of working out and going to the gym and what not?? But still afraid of the coke diet or the anorexia/bulemia thing?? Well, now you can poop yourself skinny via the new FDA-approved over the counter medication.? Let the jokes ensue.

– Russian-born actor Anton Yelchin? is in final negotiations to star in JJ Abrams adaptation/reboot of the Star Trek franchise.? He’ll be playing USS Enterprise navigator Pavel Chekov.? Anyone know if this is good casting?? Yelchin can next been seen staring in the flick Charlie Bartlett.

– The lads who are bringing Hitman to the big screen are going to tackle the animated series Johnny Quest next.? Sounds intriguing.

-? The nominees for the 2007 MTV Video Awards have been announed and everyone everywhere says, wait, whaaat?? They still make music videos that get played on MTV?? Thank you, thank you I’ll be here all weekend reciting the world’s most obvious jokes for you John Madden style.

– Cinematical has a first look at the one-sheet for Will Ferrell’s new flick Semi-Pro. ?

– Oddly, Lilly Allen had her work visa cancelled when she arrived in Los Angeles to help promote the launch of the MTV Video Awards announcement.

– TV know-it-all Michael Ausiello of TV Guide claims that none other than Kristen Bell (*sigh*) is in talks to play the character of Charlotte on Lost next season.? If this is the case then it’s safe to assume I’ll never want to watch my favorite show with my girlfriend again.? She’s already accepted the fact that I’ve given my heart over to Kristen Bell.? “Charlotte” meanwhile, is said to be a 20-something academic, with real-world experience.? She’s precocious, loquacious and funny.? All of which, Kristen Bell is … and hot.

– While listening to Battles, I can’t help but think of The Smurfs on LSD, which is scary.? What isn’t scary is the thought of said blue creatures coming to DVD.? Season 1 will be released on 12.4.07, just in time for Christmas. ? And unlike Jenny Lewis, I can’t do the frug, but I can certainly do the Smurf.

– Spinner has new albums to stream this week from Flight of the Concords, Billie Holiday, The Brunettes, Sebedoh, and Zap Mama this week. ? Even though you can’t listen to it, be sure to pick up Grace Potter and the Nocturnals new disc which came out yesterday.? Top notch!

– Former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp created such a fine-honed quirky power-pop sensibility with his side band The Rentals.? Their Friends of P album is fantastic.? He, and the band as well, has been gone for quite some time.? It’s safe to say Weezer has never been the same since his departure after the Pinkerton album.? The good news is that Sharp and his bandmates are back with a new album.? He gives good interview.

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