The Morning Catch

Holy moly.? Last night’s episode of The Office was surely one of the funniest things they’ve ever done.? I don’t remember laughing as hard or as long as I did last night.? Some great touching moments as well between Pam and Jim, not that it was surprising the two were together.

Anyway so fat to chew on as you get your coffee or prepare to head out to lunch.

– Transformers 2 is moving to forward for a June 26, 2009 release date.? Michael Bay is back on board and so is Stephen Spielberg as executive produce, despite their differences with studio heads at Paramount and an impending writers strike in Hollywood.

Get ready for a showdown in Congress as many GOPers backed the child health care bill, which the President in his infinite wisdom vows to veto.? Cause you know, war is good, children’s health…not so much.

– Let the Bruce Springsteen publicity push begin!? He was on the Today show this morning.

– In maybe a nod to The Karate Kid, Summit Entertainment has optioned the rights to a screenplay about an overweight karate champ who agrees to a rematch with his former nemesis.? Their showdown took place in 1984, the same year The Karate Kid was released.? Bonzai!

– Well, the climactic Phil Spector trial has been declared a mistrial.? Wall of sound fans everywhere rejoice.

Marty Scorcese is paying tribute with a rock-doc about the late Beatle George Harrison.? Sounds like the silent Beatle is finally gonna get some props.

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