The morning catch

Sorry for the late start and probably the inevitability of a slow posting day for me.? Trying to finish off Harry Potter, so that when people say “I’ve finished it and can you believe (fill in blank) that happened?”? I’ll be able to look at them and respond in a way other than pimp slapping them for ruining the book.

So here’s some stuff for you to chew over.

Heroes star Zachary Quinto is the front runner to star as Spock in JJ Abrams eventual reboot of the franchise.? And if the rumors of Matty Damon starring as Captain Kirk come true, well, then, that might get us excited for the first time about a Star Trek property.

-? The cast for the Harry Potter film franchise just gets better and better with each movie.? Seriously?? Did you see the fifth flick?? It was like a who’s who of British acting royalty.? And now they’ve gone and added Aussie Naomi Watts to the mix for flick 6. She’ll be playing the evil mother Narcissa Malfoy and that’s sort of perfect casting.

– Are you still a member of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club?? If so, you might want to hit Lollapalooza early.? The boys are going to play a Thursday night club show for fan club members only.? Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 11 a.m. PST and will cost $150 for a pair of tickets for the Vic Theater performance.

– J.J. Abrams Cloverfield has really been the buzzed about film this summer.? And one website thinks they’ve got it all figured out.

– The much delayed Southland Tales from writer/director Richard Kelly will finally hit theaters on Nov. 9.

Lindsay Lohan is heading back to rehab after getting arrested again. ? Talk about a waste.

– Kaiju Big Battle has just released its third DVD, chock block of big battles stretching over 93-minutes.? You have to see this to believe it!

– Rock and Roll history recorded in Boston.? With the release of a 1970’s Doors show yesterday, it’s really just the latest in a long list.

– Hidden Track has a funny recap at the Widespread Panic and Girl Talk show this past Wednesday in Boston.? When they announced the show, I def. scratched my and now doubt it seems to the few in attendance.

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