The Oysters favorite songs in 2007

We’ll keep this brief because you’ve probably tired of the ever growing year end list. We’re getting fatigued as well just trying to keep up and trying to sort stuff out as well. Seems every time we come across another list there is always something there to remind us of what we loved in 2007. We narrowed our fav songs down to 20! Yes 20! From an initial list of about 100 and still we’re not quite happy with it. Wish we had more time, but time is something we just don’t have.

Download and listen, all the songs are in Mp3 or M4a file format, or buy the albums and the songs but always throw your hands up in the devils horns and gently rock out.

After looking over our songs, we find it strange that most of them are very poppy, lots of them have horns and piano in them and are very accessible to listen to. Did we become boring in 2007? That’s a fair question to ask, of which we don’t have an answer for.

On our list we tried to just include one song from an artist, despite say, LCD Soundsystem warranting like 10 and we also really just tried to inlcude the songs we loved and not necessarily the artists “best” song. So, say Feist is on here but not for the uberpresent “1 2 3 4.” Great as the song is (and to be clear it’s not just a catchy song it’s got a lot going on and it’s near and dear to our heart even without the help from Apple), we’re always bugged that she can’t correctly count to ten.

Instead of providing stupid commentary, we’ll let the songs sing for themselves. Anyway without further ado, the songs that kept us grooving this year.

Our 21 Favorite Tunes for 2007…
21. The Boggs “Poor Things”

20. Kate Nash“Mariella”

19. White Rabbits“The Plot”

18. Tegan and Sara“Back in Your Head”

17. Blitzen Trapper“Country Caravan”

16. Elvis Perkins“All the Night Without Love”

15. Kevin Drew“Backed Out on the …”

14. Menomena“Wet and Rusting”

13. Feist“I Feel it All”

12. Patrick Watson“Luscious Life”

11. Miracle Fortress“Hold Your Secrets Close to Heart”

Take the jump for 10-1.? And don’t forget these tracks will only be available for a limited window.

10. The White Stripes“Conquest”

9. The New Pornographers“Myriad Harbour”

8. Modest Mouse“Dashboard”

7. Andrew Bird“Imitosis”

6. Spoon“You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb”

5. Laura Veirs“Saltbreakers”

4. The National“Mistaken For Strangers”

3. Los Campesinos!“You! Me! Dancing!”

2. Lucky Soul“Get Outta Town!”

1. LCD Soundsystem“All My Friends”

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  • Lamar Hull March 17, 2009, 1:33 pm

    rihanna\’s such a gr8 singer!!! the song\’s okay..

  • -tom_bagofsongs December 21, 2007, 7:27 pm

    Great effin’ list.
    Man I love that Boggs song at #21, and their live show is mindblowing.