The Pipettes – Because It’s Not Love (But It’s Still a Feeling) … and other such stuff

I almost feel like I’ve switched gears lately, now that it’s practically Oscar season, from movies to music. I still have all my year end music lists coming up next week (one for each day!), but because we’re so focused on movies lately doesn’t mean we haven’t shafted the tunes.

By the by I know there are a lot of lists getting tossed about but do head over to Glynnie at GFOM, since we’ll be participating in his year end hoopla.

Right, right. The Pipettes are just a wonderful trio of girls. They make music that’s sort of reminiscent of sock hops and malter milkshakes, but then lyrically they sing about themes that relate to people of our generation. It’s an often disconcerting paradox, however, the music is infectious and that trumps all.

Me? I’m partially to Rosey and wish she didn’t have to play the non-Diana Ross role. She should be front and center dang it!

And Other Such Stuff

– The Grammy Awards were announced this morning and sorta surprising, but I guess not really given their recent attempts to look “cool” without actually being cool, Kanye West led the nominations with eight and Amy Winehouse followed with six. Others artists also earned nominations but the Grammy’s are about as relevant as zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza;liejaoih; oiwwwwwww;i4q’3h4 vtq[9y5q’3[9 …. uh… oh sorry I must have fallen asleep while reading the list of nominations.

– Dan Bejar has a new album coming out with his band Destroyer in 2008. Bejar is one of the driving forces behind The New Pornographers, along with Carl Newman and Neko Case, but it’s becoming clear over the last few albums that Bejar has more interest in his own band Destroyer. Their last album, 2005’s Destroyer’s Rubies was just the bees knees. Their new record, Trouble in Dreams will drop on March 18. Pitchfork has a track listing and Chromewaves has the first cut titled “Foam Hands.”

– One of the biggest stories recently was that Kim Deal, frontwoman for The Breeders, announced that the band is back and recording a new album due out April 8. The new album is titled Mountain Battles. I know a lot of people are excited about this and I’m not exactly one of them. Kim Deal sat down with both NME and Rolling Stone to dish on the latest album. One thing that is irrefutable is that the Spike Jonze directed video for “Canonball” and the song itself is bomb.

– Camel Cigarettes have come under the gun lately for an advertisement that supposedly targets kids. The insert in question was in a recent issue of Rolling Stone. Basically, it’s in cartoon form and the ad is all about indie rock, which means it probably caters more towards people in their 20’s and early 30’s. Either way, it’s pretty hilarious to see what Camel thinks of “indie rock” and even more hilarious about the uproar the indie kids have over their depiction.


– Our new favorite singer of the moment, Kate Nash, has just announced a mini-tour of the USA and Canada. Here’s to hoping she swings by Portland.

Here’s the video for her song “Pumpkin Soup” and as Fluxblog would say it is indeed sorta twee in its aesthetic.? It’s certainly not the best song from her album, but it should give you a good idea of what she’s all about.

That’s all I’ve got for right now. I’ll be back tomorrow morning with some more stuff and a look at San Diego’s Dirty Sweet. We’re going to catch them here in Portland and it should be a hella show. Their album is just a grimey, sweaty, bluesy rock album. It’s like something Skynyrd or The Black Crowes would be proud of. Does that make them derivative? Maybe, but still they rock out with their balls out and sometimes that’s just what you need to listen to.

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