The Road to the Throwdown

The best Christmas present this year was the news that Boston’s Mighty Mighty Bosstones decided to reunite after a four year hiatus for the annual Hometown Throwdown X at the venerable Middle East, Dec. 26 – 30. It’s already sold out so don’t worry about trying to get tickets, we’ll keep you posted with reviews of the shows.

To gear up leading up to the throwdown they boys have filmed a series of videos of them getting reaquainted, rehearsing, etc. It’s good stuff and an inside look at a band rediscovering their love for each other and for music.

Head over to to catch all the videos if the one below doesn’t satiate your Bosstones need.

And, we didn’t know this until five seconds ago, but they guys have a new album out now, Medium Rare on Big Rig Records. It’s a collection of new tracks and unreleased vinyl B-sides. Sadly, original guitarist Nate Albert hasn’t rejoined the band, but you take what you can get.

The album can be purchased at Newbury Comics for $9.99

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