The Shins record “Strange Powers”


Portland, Ore. based The Shins are heading back to the studio to record a cover version of The Magnetic Field’s “Strange Powers.” For those few who have caught The Shin’s in concert have probably heard their pretty sweet rendition. This is going to be packaged as a B-side as part of the UK-only single for “Sea Legs.” The 7″ and digital download will be available on Dec. 3.

Here in Oysterland we felt like Wincing the Night Away was sort of unfairly panned, but it was by no means what we were hoping for/expecting either. All we can say is that sometimes expectations play too much in how a piece of art, specifically movies and music, are judged.

It’s unfortunate to think that good ole Zack Braff has ruined the career of The Shins, in so much as they should still be a moderately successful band with a decent enough following and allowed the room to grow and fail. Now because of that ass clown they’re way more popular than either their live show or sound can acount for. But that’s a story for another day.

Judge for yourself. (Via: You Ain’t No Picasso)

Mp3: The Shins – “Strange Powers”
Mp3: The Magnetic Fields – “Strange Powers”

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