The snarl of the drum and ebullience of the horn

March Fourth Marching Band – “Crack Haus” (Mp3)

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life is walk away from playing the trumpet.? It was sophomore year of high school and after seven years of playing I just lost the passion for it.? I don’t think it helped that I was a very ordinary trumpet player and the myriad of activities prevented me from putting in the time to be truly great.? It also hurt that the school band always played classical music, the kind of music that can’t possibly excite a young teenager.? So I quit and picked up the trumpet sporadically over the intervening years.

Saturday mornings in college were all about waking up from a hangover and football at Syracuse.? For me though, the draw was always the marching band.? Now that was the kind of music I wanted to play.? Passionate, exciting, upbeat, boisterous and funky.

Every high school should be required to give their students in the band a copy of the March Fourth Marching Band.? If they weren’t excited about playing music they certainly will after listening.? And if you want to remember how much fun music can and should be, well you can’t do much better than this ginormous ensemble.? Check it: 10 drummers, 12-piece horn section, one electric bass and 11 members who might best be described as the baton twirlers, dancers and whatnot.

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