The Weekend Catch

Quick weekend.? It went by in a blur without much to show for it.? Not sure how much I’ll be around today, as my car is getting fixed and I’m taking care of some odds and ends.? I’ll be in and out all day.? As for right now, it’s raining here in The Hub and we’ve got Teagan & Sara’s latest disc playing, The Con.? Sounds like an old familiar friend, but they’ve managed to soften their sonic palatte a bit and it’s only worked to their advantage.? We’ll have a more thorough look sometime soon.? As for the headlines this week:

Al Gore had his big Live Earth concert in over eight different cities on Saturday. ? Which, you know means that global warming is officially over, since there was a big concert.? Time has a nice piece on the supposed importance of the concert and raises questions about it’s effectiveness.? If you don’t care about saving the bumble bees or hugging the polar bears, and all you care about is the music, well, you’re in luck since MSN is streaming the performances on demand.

AOL Music is streaming the latest releases this week from Spoon, The Smashing Pumpkins, Bad Religion, They Might Be Giants, Interpol, Harry Potter Soundtrack, Hairspray Soundtrack and T.I. vs. T.I.P.? Of those albums, we can’t speak highly enough about the latest from? Spoon.?? Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga will certainly be high on our list for the best album this year.

Transformers was a dud of a flick, in our feeble mind.? Bad acting, bad dialogue, bad plot.? But it had great special effects!? Seriously, the movie was awful for the first two hours, it had tone problems (why were they trying to make a comedy?), too many characters and subplots and not enough robots.? But damn, the final 30 minutes made us turn into that seven year old.? We were totally riveted by the robot on robot action.? And we left the theater thinking, damn I’d see that again.? Which probably sums up how it made so much freaking money in it’s first week of release.

– Lots of people got married on July 7, but the importance of the day is that the world finally solved the problem of the Seven Wonders of the World.? Do you know what they are?? Well, thanks to an online voting competition we know have the Seven New Wonders of the World.

– Sony is slashing the price of it’s Play Station 3, by more than $100.? But we say, too little too late.? We’ve become dedicated Wii players.

Boing has unveiled its latest and greatest airliner.? But the 787 actually sounds kinda cool.

Roger Federer won his fifth straight Wimbeldon title yesterday.? In case you hadn’t heard he’s really good at tennis.

Cindy Sheehan has decided to possibly run against Nancy Pelosi for Congress if the House Speaker doesn’t submit articles of impeachment for President Bush.? Seriously, someone needs to have an intervention with this publicity monger.? I’m the last person supporting the President’s policies and wouldn’t even mind seeing him impeached, but this isn’t about the President, this is about Cindy Sheehan and she needs to be stopped.

– Well, the state of Pennslyvania has been having a hard time winning a sports title (see: Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, Sixers and Phillies; Pittsburgh Penguins, Pirates).? And now they can’t even get the government to work!

Avril Lavigne is getting sued over her infectious hit “Girlfriend.”? The Rubinoos songwriting duo of Tommy Dunbar and James Gangwer swear the use of “Hey, hey, you, you” was used by them first.? Which is true, of not only them, but like seventy other artists as well.? Maybe they can all get a slice of Avril pie.? We say long live the Queen of Bratty Mall Punk!

The Office’s John Krasinski only has six facial expressions.? We say he’s got at least 11 in him.

– Director Richard Kelly, he of Donnie Darko fame, has given an update about the long delayed Southland Tales.? Hopefully it’ll be out soon, but someone several years into this albatross Kelly is just finishing up post-production.? Ouch.

Jim Carrey and director Robert Zemeckis are teaming up for one of those motion-captured movies that Zemeckis has been so fond of lately.? The duo will tackle yet another rendition of A Christmas Carol.? We say, please no!? The Muppets have already done A Christmas Carol to perfection.

Battlestar Galactica is ending after Season 4.? That makes us sad, almost slightly depressed.? What doesn’t make us sad are the rumors for the upcoming season courtesy of MediaBlvd Magazine.

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