The Weekend Catch

As always the handful of stories worth talking about at the coffee maker or the water cooler, if people still did that in the wake of The Sopranos last episode.? Which also may still be worth talking about.

– The Philadelphia Phillies know a thing or two about mediocrity.? They’re the first Major League Baseball franchise to get to 10,000 losses.? That’ll happen when you have no pitching, no hitting and no fielding.? The best part about the loss?? The Philly faithful gave their nine a standing ovation after the loss. ? Gotta love a city that can cheer for the visiting team to win.

– When you get to your cubicle today, you’ll probably notice that your Internet Radio Station hasn’t shut down over the weekend.? After a fair amount of outcry, SoundExchange (the people responsible for music royalties) have postponed enacting theirs ludicrous fees.? Still, enjoy them while you can.

– A powerful 6.8 earthquake rocked Japan yesterday, leaving five people dead and another 650 injured.? The epicenter was 160 miles northwest of Tokyo, and more than 300 buildings were completely destroyed and another 200 or so were partially damaged.? Mudslides, toppled houses, and even a fire at a nuclear power plant.

President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert are making a play to bolster support for the Palestinian Fatah Party, after Hamas seized control of Gaza within the past month.? I guess this one is the lessor of two evils is my friend?

Spinner has a look at “20 Protest Songs That Matter.”? All we can say is our favs are PE at #2 with “Fight the Power” and N.W.A. at #11 with “Fuck the Police.”? We’re just saying is all.? Marvin Gaye checks in at numero uno, but the list is pretty unconventional and fairly well-rounded representing all genres of music.

Heath Ledger is full on Joker makeup.? He’s not doing much, but dang it, this movie can’t get here fast enough!

Goonies action figures!? Goonies action figures.? Holy crap my life can now be complete.

– Some bits of news from MTV.? Aaron Eckhart has confirmed that Two Face will make an appearance in the next Batman movie.? Whether or not this will be to set up the third movie in unknown.? And the world is over.? “Crunk” has officially made the dictionary.? We’re all for “ginormous” making it, not sure how we feel about the Southern Rap Style.

David Duchovny swears that a sequel to the X-Files Movie will take place.? This woulda been so cool, like, ten years ago.

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix charmed it’s way to about $77 million this weekend and $140 million since it opened on Wednesday. ? The best part of the article?? The inclination that every movie has become the “highest grossing robot movie ever” or the “highest grossing rodent movie ever” or the “highest grossing movie starring Bruce Willis and Justin Long, with a title spoofing the state motto of New Hampshire.”? Seriously.? It’s worth half a laugh.

– Late night drinkers rejoice.? IHOP has bought up Applebees.? No word yet on whether or not Moons Over Mi-Hammy will be added to the menu.

Prince angered British music retailers by giving away his CD with the Sunday newspaper.? Music fans rejoice however.

– The Dude Abides.? The 6th Annual Lebowski Fest hits Louisville, KY this weekend.? Dr. Dog will be performing, among the bowling, white russians, etc.

– For all you Battlestar Galactica sluts out there, looks like they’ve shot some short promo spots that were cut out of the upcoming movie, but will be included on the DVD release.? One of them features a young Adama discovering a dangerous Cylon weapon in the first Cylon War.

– Some brief FX news for ya.? Rosie O’Donnell will appear in Nip/Tuck again this season and then eventually get her own spinoff show for her character Dawn Budge.? Damages, their new show starring Glen Close will air with limited commercial interruption thanks to Cadillac on July 24 and we’re crestfallen to learn that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia isn’t returning until September.

– Daily Kos has a? look at President Bush’s vetoes while in office.? He’s only officially had two, and many more signing statements, but now in his sixth year as Presdient he’s threatening to veto many more bills from the Democratic Congress.

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  • Carolyn July 16, 2007, 8:55 am

    Jim, site looks great. My question is, where is the Mama Fratelli Goonies action figure??