The Weekend Catch

Not sure how many other people had their weekend consumed by Harry Potter.? I did a lot of reading, but I’m only about 300 pages into The Deathly Hallows.? Also, got a chance to see a few movies I’ve been wanting to see.

Seraphim Falls is? a decent western starring two Irish blokes, Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson.? It’s basically a revenge flick, with Neeson stalking Brosnan through the mountains and desserts of Utah and Nevada.? It’s got an unsurprising twist ending, where your sympathies shift from one character to another and a strange magical realism ending, but otherwise it’s worth watching on TBS or basic cable.

13 Tzameti is a tense, tense movie.? I think I was sweating as much as the characters in the movie.? It’s claustrophobic and tragic.? It’s also in French with subtitles.? Basically, it’s about a poor construction worker who gets caught up in a plot when he’s trying to find some money for his family.? He intercepts a letter from a dying man thinking it will lead him to riches, but instead it leads him to an underground gambling ring.? He unwittingly becomes a contestant in a Russian roulette game.? Each contestant is given a gun and each round the stakes are raised.? The entire movie is essentially the stress from the deadly game.? Awesome, just an absolutely fantastic suspense film.

Little Children is about cheating housewives.? Stars Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet as adulturous parents, but I only made it through about 3o minutes.? Can’t tell if I was tired and it was 2 a.m. or if the strange voice-over narrration and Todd Field’s plodding direction made me not want to watch it.? I’ll revisit it again.

Mad Men has become, after only one episode, my must watch television show of the summer.? It’s on Thursday at 10 p.m. on AMC.? It’s about lecherous Madison Ave. ad men in the 1950’s.? Truly like stepping into another time period and it’s all well done, especially with the guys smoking butts and drinking booze on the job and sexually harrassing the female employees.? Great stuff all around and just watching it for the cinematography would be worth it, but it seems like it could be a great story as well.

Some headlines to catch:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sold about 8.3 million copies over the weekend, which means that author J.K. Rowling is now richer than Richie Rich.

I Know Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was the number one movie over the weekend.? And that means people would rather watch Adam Sandler act gay than John Travolta in a dress.

AOL is streaming a few discs worth listening to this week.? Among them, The Simpsons Movie Soundtrack, Prince and Teagan & Sara’s latest.

The Boggs dropped into Daytrotter last Thursday and it’s worth picking up the four songs they recorded for the session.

– In case you needed another reason to see The Simpsons Movie this weekend, WB is going to attach The Dark Knight teaser trailer beforehand.

– You know them, you love them, now know the stories behind the greatest alcoholic icons of all time.

– Welcome to the 21st century.? Tonight CNN and YouTube have a Democratic debate, where the everyday joe can pose questions to the candidates.? Should be as interesting as when JFK and Tricky Dick squared off so long ago. ? Tune in tonight at 7 p.m.

Lance Armstrong is pushing cancer into the presidential politics, by hosting a forum in Iowa.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman have given us what we all want with a show about the two of them.? Seven-and-a-half minutes worth of clips and stuff have popped up on A&E.? The Two Coreys debuts on July 29.?? Yes, we couldn’t resist and the show starts out as Haim is down on his luck and moves into the? “Feldmansion.”? We always knew we liked Feldman a whole lot more than Haim.

– We’re losing the fight against HIV/AIDS.? We better get our shit together, cause the scare in 1992 is something no one wants to live through again.? Remember when Pedro died?? I think I speak for everyone when I say that his death just left us crestfallen.? Let’s try to save more Pedros, huh.

– Entertainment Weekly has a preview of this weekend’s Comic Con Convention in San Diego (which is German for… sorry but it just rolls off the tongue every time someone mentions San Diego).? What got us geeked out is the photo of Robert Downey Jr. with some Iron Man weapon.

AICN has a few early reviews of Sean Penn’s latest flick Into the Wild. ?

– The long gesticulating Wolverine movie has finally landed a director.? His name is Gavin Hood.? You might have seen his awesome movie from South Africa called Tsotsi?? It’s an interesting choice and one I can certainly get behind.

– Seth Rogan has become an unlikely leading man.? As a big fan of both Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared, it never really seemed like Rogan would become that guy.? He always seemed really funny and always delivered the goods with his sardonic delivery, but then again he never really made you think he was going to be a big star.? Well now he is and now he’s adapting The Green Hornet property.? And word is he wants Stephen Chow to play sidekick Kato.? Which is cool, especially if anyone has seen Kung Fu Hustle. ?

– Sadly, those Yardbird reunion rumors are just that.

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