The Weekend Catch

Pretty uneventful weekend. Finally finished watching Little Children. And it was, entirely gripping, albeit a little long. It was great to watch an affair develop and the effects it can have on a marriage. However, that being said, the conclusion was entirely anticlimactic. The movie built to absolutely nothing and then it just ending. There was a “shocking” ending involving the neighborhood sexual offender, but it wasn’t so much shocking as it was vile. Good movie, but it could have been great and was really let down by the third act.

With that said, I also got a chance to catch FX’s Damages. It’s been sitting in the Tivo all week. Loved it. Didn’t really see the ending coming, which is saying something. Great performances by Glenn Close, who’s positioning herself to be one of television’s more interesting characters. Patty Hewes, the great litigator, is playing chess when everyone else is playing checkers. It also stars Tate Donovan and Rose Byrne and Ted Danson. The show jumps around a bit in time, but it only adds layers as you’re trying to figure out how the show gets to where it’s going. Totally engrossing, and I really fell in love when the show ended with The White Stripes “I Think I Smell a Rat.”

Anyone see The Simpson’s Movie this weekend? We haven’t seen it yet, but hopefully soon. Anyway somethings to stew over the watercooler with.

– Legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman passed away. He was 89 years old and created some of cinema’s most enduring movies. The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, and Scenes from a Marriage immediately spring to mind.

The Police rocked Fenway Park over the weekend. They’ve joined the likes of Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Buffet and Dave Matthews. The Boston Globe’s Joan Anderman thinks they did a great job putting new twists on the old classics.

– Looks like Johnny Depp may be playing the good doctor once again. Warner Independent has acquired the rights to Hunter S. Thompson’s novel The Rum Diary. And Warner wants Depp to reprise his role from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

– The first poster for Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd has arrived. And of course, it looks awesome! Maybe we should make this an all Johnny Depp day.

– NPR has two concerts up that offer numerable pleasures, depending on your mood. One is from Gypsy Punks Gogol Bordello and the other is from Britpopsters Travis. Each play set lists heavy off of their 2007 releases.

– Attorney Genereal Alberto Gonzales is inching closer to facing perjury charges. And the super happy fun time bus just keeps on rolling with this administration.

– Looks like the entire Republican Presidential candidates are taking a pass at their CNN/YouTube debates on Sept. 17. Both Mitt Romney and Rudy Giulliani are apparantly saying, thanks but no thanks.

– Holy crap! Guerilla drive ins? What the, well if you’re up for listening NPR has a cool story about a group of folks in Santa Cruz, Calif. who are taking the drive-in movie back to the streets.

Pigeon Genocide! Los Angeles has had enough and they are making attempts to erradicate the pigeon population by placing birth control in rooftop kibble feed.

The Simpsons Movie rallied the troops and cashed in like Krusty the Clown. It took in $72 million over the weekend. And yes, I’m having a cow.

– RIP Tom Snyder. He was a classy late night host, didn’t pander with terrible humor. His interviews were always interesting and intelligent and most often his guests weren’t on because they were selling their latest CD or movie. I remember watching him smoking butts and often times he had the hardest time not cracking up.

– A little profile on My Boys’s Jordana Spiro, who plays the main character P.J. The second season premieres tonight and we can say that is something we won’t be watching. It’s too bad because they show has some talented actors and a criminally underused Jim Gaffigan, but it’s just not that good. It could be however.

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