The Weekend Catch

Digging for the bottom of the ocean. It was a fairly tame weekend, the kind of weekend where you find yourself at an Asian restaurant drinking Bud Lights and Scorpian Bowls and then somehow you end up at a diner at 3 a.m. and wonder what the hell happened and then the next day you’re at another bar rocking the juke box and picking songs that stand in direct contrast to the music being played by a bunch of annoying sority girls and trying to keep pace with the massive amounts of Guinness you’re friend is drinking.

And then yesterday it was Mom Oyster’s birthday, so you can imagine the amounts of alcohol necessary to hang around the family mollusks. Regardless, I fell like I’m paying for it today. Which, I’ve got one special thing lined up for music lovers and the rest of my day will be spent watching The Bourne Ultimatum and then swinging back into Boston to check out The Handsome Furs, which is Dan Boeckner’s (Wolf Parade) side project. So it should be a fun day.

As always here’s a few things to chew over.

Rivers Cuomo may be publishing his diary or journal or some type of memoir. Now if we know anything about Rivers it will probably focus on his fascination for underage Japanese girls, celibacy and hopefully it’ll address why Weezer hasn’t put out a good album since Pinkerton.

– Parents of Virginia Tech students are protesting the inclusion of NAS on the upcoming memorial concert. They insist his lyrics are too controversial, i.e. he’s black and they’ve never listened to a single NAS album.

– Mitt Romney should be able to run for President based on his qualifications and lack of vision, but it looks like the only thing anyone wants to talk about is his religion. Oh well.

– The Senate voted to expand the warrantless wiretaps, bowing to pressure from The White House. Constitution, we don’t need no stinking Constitution.

– Check out this cool behind the scenes video of new fav band Stars while they were in Vancouver recording their fourth LP In Our Bedroom After the War. It’s fantastic album, one that has just been growing on my steadily over the past few weeks.

– The past weekend not only was Lollapalooza in Chicago, but so was the YearlyKos Convention, put together by the fine folks at Daily Kos. Seems like it was a great time by all and even some controversy happened. Read all about the dust up here.

– So lately, I’ve been really digging on this concept called Dinner With the Band. It stars chef Sam Mason as he hosts some of his fav indie rock stars to his Brooklyn pad to cook and chat about music and what not. It’s seriously the best thing in life as it combines cooking and music, two things I can’t get enough of. Check out the latest episdoe with Holy Hail.

– Damn, Jason Bourne totally kicked ass at the box office this weekend, racking up about $70 million. That’s impressive and ranks as the largest opening weekend for August ever.

Gwen Stefani has caved to the terrorists. For her upcoming Malaysian show, she’ll abide by Muslim law and not wear any revealing costumes. Damnit!

– We love crappy lists and it seems like a new “Top 50 (fill in blank)” hits the streets every month or so. Thanks to Stylus Magazine, we get one for all-time drummers. You know, as if this thing has never been done before. Obvs. that John Bonham is number 1 and Keith Moon slides in at number 2. It’s like putting The Beatles number 1 on a list of rock bands. Anyway, it got us back to air drumming, so that’s cool.

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