This week’s new release best bets


Not much in the way of movies this week. But there are three worth checking out.

Neverwas: From Miramax studio, this one stars Aaron Eckhart, Ian McKellan, William Hurt, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange and Brittany Murphy. It concerns a man who discovers his childhood fantasy land is actually a real place. And it’s all somehow based upon a children’s book his father wrote.

Driving Lessons: From Sony Pictures Classic. Well, we’ve got the red-headed kid from the Harry Potter movies. He’s living in a conservative household and then he meets a crazy actress and it changes his life forever. Not quite Harold and Maude you know, but a few mild laughs in this oddly enjoyable coming-of-age story.

Drive-in Horror Series – Savage Spirit/They Feed: Yes! The best in cheesy b-movies continues. This double bill features a haunted spirit, upset that the new home owners are throwing a pool party and the second flick is about six friends who go investigate a plane crash in the woods, only to be attacked by flesh eating creatures that relentlessly pursue them through the woods.


Another week and a few more albums to check out. Although this week seems particularly slow.

Los Campesinos! – “Sticking Fingers into Sockets EP” (Arts & Crafts) [Buy]

Probably the best little disc you’ll get your hands on all week. Maybe even in the coming months. Maybe in your entire life. No, okay, it’s too early in the week for hyperbole. We’d write more but we think we’re going to devote the next post to this album and this band.

Sara Bareilles – “Little Voice” (Epic Records) [Buy]

This Los Angeles songsmith has a silky smooth voice and crafts the kind of innocuous piano-based pop music. Little bit of pop, little bit of jazz, little bit of soul, little bit of blues. Perfect for a trip to pick the kids up at soccer practice or while having dinner on an outdoor patio. Not that anyone does that around here, it just I can imagine the future. Exists in the ether between Norah Jones, Fionna Apple or (fill in the blank of piano-based popstar). It sounds like you’ve heard the songs before, maybe in a movie or maybe in passing on the radio and the enjoyment is in the comfort of the songs. Lots of promise here.

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