Thom Yorke tells Sir Paul to take a piss

Not literally, of course.? But the Beatle legend asked the Radiohead frontman (who’s kind of a legend in his own right, yeah?) if he wanted to cook up a duet with him.? But after listening to “Ebony and Ivory” Yorke was a little skeptical and made up an excuse to not have to work with Paul McCartney.

So what was his excuse?? Simple, he doesn’t like working with other performers unless it’s with his bandmates. ? The exchange might have gone something like this.

Paul: So I’m working on this new song, ya know and it goes something like this: scribbledy, hobbidy, booma, bang, bang.? But I couldn’t quite get the bridge and the last verse right, how was in me head ya know.? So I go to ask John to help me out, but John wasn’t around and then me daughter tells me John’s been dead for 30 years.? So I remember this band Radiohead getting all this attention for their latest album, which wasn’t really an album cause I looked for it for me record player.? Anyway, I start thinking maybe Thom Yorke can help me with this part of the song that goes like fluttery, buttery, doo be doo doo.

Thom: I got a call from Paul.? So what?? I told him “fuck the Beatles.? I’m in Radiohead bitch.”

Anyway, good for Thom to sticking to his guns.? Afterall, the duet coulda turned out like this:

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