Timbaland and The Hives vs. WWE Divas – tag team title on the line

Gotta love the random confluence of events in life. Yesterday afternoon I was cruising around rocking out to The Hives’s “Tyranosaurus Hives” and thinking to myself, what the hell is the greatest rock band in the world up to? Okay, I didn’t really have that thought.

But I did wonder what they’ve been up to since “Tyranosaurus Hives” dropped about three years ago. That’s an eternity for Pelle and the gang, especially when they’re used to getting in, melting our faces for 10-songs and thirty minutes and? then disappearing for three years.? You realize The Hives have only put out three albums in the past decade? But hey, they’re the self-proclaimed greatest band alive, so no biggie.

So last night I’m flipping channels after the Sox blew the Yankees, thinking how “Heroes” was ultimately disappointing and convinced that I’ll never watch “24” again. And then I stumbled upon WWE Raw. And there were hot chicks, scantily dressed. So now I’m thinking okay this is good. And I decided on the undesirable woman’s totem pole it goes from top to bottom: hooker, escort, stripper, porn star, WWE Diva. And then they announce the new Timbaland video “Throw It On Me” and low and behold those Swedish rapscallions The Hives decided to melt my face Timbo-style.

There’s also a little bit of Sin City in the new video, which premiered last night. Overall, whatevs. But at least The Hives have crawled out of hiding to melt faces once again.

Love the line “Look at that ass, ya probably a gold digger but I ain’t Kanye.” Just straight kills.? Pelle and the gang are just nasty.? No doubt about it.

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