Transformers theme song

If I hollah “Tranformers . . .” I’m sure if there are any children of the 80s around they’ll shout back “More than meets the eye.”Cause they’re robots in disguise.

Well the theme song for this summer’s Michael Bay movie surfaced from a New Orleans band Mute Math. Head over here to give a listen. The theme isn’t nearly as awesome as the original cartoon theme from Lion. Still, it’s worth a listen. The new version has a chilled out techno vibe to it, almost as if the Autobots were going to throw a giant rave on Cybertron after scoring a shipment of energon cubes.

It’s vastly different from the hard rocking Lincoln Park sounding theme that Joblo posted last week. Curiously enough Lincoln Park is also on the soundtrack with the likes of The Goo Goo Dolls and The Smashing Pumpkins. So yeah, this will be one soundtrack we’re not buying.

Too bad. For all you nostalgic types enjoy the real theme song from the cartoon movie and probably the best moment and song from Transformers lore.

Now that’s how you do a theme song.

Um, is it wrong that I still get the chills from watching this scene?

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