Trent Reznor – “Steal My Music!”

While rockin’ it at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion on Sept. 16 Nine Inch Nailer Trent Reznor implored the crowd to steal his music.? The vid was shot by a concert goer and you know, despite the whole you shall not steal thing implored to us by his majesty on high (um… calling Dr. Lars Ulrich), we kinda feel like Reznor’s got a point.

If record companies are wondering why nobodies buying their goods maybe it’s because they charge too freaking much.? It’s not like the artists actually make any money off of it (unless you count major ego points for Kanye, but regardless just ask TLC how much they made off their record sales).

So steal away people shall, not like they needed Trent’s permission but it certainly feels like a warm fuzzy blanket to have it anyways.

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