WOXY’s 97 Best

Every year WOXY, also known as my new favorite radio station that I listen to on the internet, counts down their 97 Best albums as determined by airplay.? This year will mark teh 24th such year and if past years are any indication, then it’s safe to assume that they really have their finger on the pulse of music.

2007’s list won’t debut until Dec. 20, when the station will be counting down all day long until they reach number one.? That’s on Thursday.? As soon as they unveil their choices we’ll update for you if you’re lazy and don’t want to listen.? Take a gander at the past two decades plus.

2006 – Built To Spill You In Reverse
2005 – Bloc Party Silent Alarm
2004 – Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand
2003 – The White Stripes Elephant
2002 – The White Stripes White Blood Cells
2001 – Gorillaz Gorillaz
2000 – Travis The Man Who
1999 – G. Love & Special Sauce Philadelphonic
1998 – Beastie Boys Hello Nasty
1997 – James Whiplash
1996 – Everclear Sparkle and Fade
1995 – Dave Matthews Band Under The Table and Dreaming
1994 – Green Day Dookie
1993 – Soul Asylum Grave Dancers Union
1992 – U2 Achtung Baby
1991 – R.E.M. Out Of Time
1990 – Depeche Mode Violator
1989 – The B-52’s Cosmic Thing
1988 – Sinead O’Connor The Lion and The Cobra
1987 – U2 The Joshua Tree
1986 – Violent Femmes The Blind Leading The Naked
1985 – Tears For Fear “Shout”*
1984 – Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Two Tribes”*

*the first two years’ 97 Best counted down songs rather than albums

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