You Complete Me iTunes

So let’s pretend you’re buying some tunes from the iTunes store. You know you buy a track or two off an album and then decide, shit maybe I’ll just drop another seven bucks to get the entire thing. I know, I know, this doesn’t happen often, since most albums aren’t worth buying the entire thing. But let’s keep pretending.

So you don’t want to spend the extra few dollars on the tracks you already own. Right, it’s not that you’re a cheap bastard, it’s just the principal of it. Sure you could head over to emusic, or All of Mp3 and get that album for super duper cheap, but you’re an Apple loyalist.

Well now Apple has unveiled the latest top notch feature for iTunes. According to Business Weekly, “Complete My Album” announced today, will allow customers to duh, do just that.

The feature, called “Complete My Album”, will allow customers who may have already bought individual tracks for 99 cents per song to receive credits for those tracks if they opt to buy the full album.

Typically it costs less to buy a whole album on iTunes than it would to purchase each individual track on an album.

For example, if a customer has already bought three tracks for 99 cents apiece, he or she can buy the remaining songs on the $9.99 album for $7.02.

The offer is good for the 180 days after the individual tracks are first purchased.

Yawn. Steve Jobs does it again.? Okay, okay, this policy actually makes sense for the consumer.? It’s very friendly.? I’m guessing ole Billy Gates wouldn’t let this happen at his Zune store.? Wait, what?? Oh.? Really?? No one owns a Zune?? Huh.

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  • Amy March 29, 2007, 6:11 pm

    Yeah, doesn’t work for TV show though! F@#%kers! Or should I say FRACKERS! I bought a couple episodes (ok 6 episodes) of Battlestar Season 2 while I was on call one night and bored off my ass. I could have just bought the entire season for $13 more and now I dont feel like dropping the dough on episodes I already purchased. Then again, maybe Im just stupid and Itunes does not have a button for that.