All Along the Watchtower

When done right, this blistering song has no comparison. It is so amazing that it lends itself to interpretation over and over again.  Yes, Dylan may have recorded it originally and Hendrix may have perfected it, but there have been so many other great covers.

Enjoy renditions from some of the greats. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing is to see how all these great musicians interpret this Bob Dylan song.

Jimi Hendrix

Anyone who tells you that Hendrix’s version of this song isn’t the definitive version of this song is just lying to themselves.

Here he is at the Isle of Wright in 1970.

Neil Young

His version isn’t that bad.  It’s almost what you’d expect.  Very grungy, full of energy, and just straight nasty.

Bob Dylan

The original by Bob Dylan.  And to be honest, I love Dylan’s version of this song.  Hendrix may have recorded the definitive version but the way Dylan plays it, it’s like the last song that’s ever going to be played on Earth.


Back when this song was recorded, U2 was the biggest rock band in the world and that was back in the mid-eighties.  Arguably, they are still the most important rock band in the world.  I mean, they aren’t because of Radiohead and Coldplay, but if someone were to argue that point with me I wouldn’t argue.  This was recorded on the Rattle and Hum tour.

Dave Matthews Band

Say what you want but for a five year period Dave Matthews was the front man for the biggest rock band on the planet.  Seriously.  From 1997-2002 there wasn’t a more important band on the planet.  This isn’t even an argument despite not really caring for the band.  And I love that their version of this song starts slow and builds into a frenzy.

Also, Dave’s zoobily pants are awesome.  For reals.

Bear McCreary

For the sci-fi geek in all of us.  And yes, I count myself one amongst the tribe.  January 2009 can’t come fast enough.  I need to find out what happens to Galactica after they reach Earth.


The Boss.  The Godfather of Grunge.  2004.  Together.  Greatness in Minneapolis.

Anyone have any other renditions of this song worth sharing?

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