Amy Winehouse at work on Quantum of Solace theme song


Update: Yeah apparently the producers really wanted her to stay clean. Her spokesman tells, “Amy has been in the studio working on songs for her new album with Mark Ronson. Recording for anything else is pure speculation.”? Doesn’t sound like a strong denial, but we’ll keep you posted.? We think she’d be a good choice, so maybe this is? the producers way to see if? fans/media/Bond lovers desire for this to happen.

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse is working on the theme song with producer Mark Ronson, according to The Sun. When the gig was first offered to her it was on the condition of her staying clean until April, and that so did not happen.

Barbara and Albert Broccoli, producers on Quantum of Solace seem to not really care anymore about Winehouse getting clean, only that they have the dopest Bond theme song in quite some time.

The worst part of Casino Royale was the misguided theme song by Chris Cornell. We want our Bond theme songs to be sexy, dark, full of horns and grooves. Essentially what Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson were able to do flittingly on her Grammy-winning album Back to Black.

If done well she might have the chance to knock Shirley Bassey off the top of the Bond Theme Song perch. And to be fair Tina Turner’s turn for the first Pierce Brosnan Bond movie, Goldeneye, came pretty close. And since we’re keeping score, Duran Duran’s contribution to the Bond canon is regarded as the worst theme song ever. FYI [via]

M4a: Shirley Bassey – “Goldfinger”
M4a: Shirley Bassey – “Diamonds Are Forever”
M4a: Shirley Bassey – “Moonraker”

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