Amy Winehouse visits the gas chamber

amy_winehouse.jpgSo about a year ago, I was preparing to draft for my Fantasy Celebrity Deaths League. And I locked up my first round pick of Abe Vigoda (still alive damnit) and filled out my team nicely. What I wasn’t counting on was essentially being forced into using a seventh round pick on a relatively unknown British-singer Amy Winehouse.

But that pick turned out to be the Tom Brady of Fantasy Celebrity Deaths. Seriously, she has to be about six-months from kicking the bucket. At the very least, she probably won’t be recording another Grammy-winning retro soul album that I will only listen to one track from (and that’s the one with Ghostface Killah on it by the by) any time soon.

Apparantly the cool kids in England (and by cool I certainly mean ones that will kill themselves within six months) are doing this thing called the “gas chamber.” That’s where you light vodka on fire and then snort it up your nose through a straw.

And it seems Amy, 24, had a go at the potentially lethal game during another of her wild nights out at London’s trendy Bungalow 8 with pals Kelly Osbourne, Kimberly Stewart, Miquita Oliver and Mark Ronson.

While DJ Seb Chew manned the decks, the Rehab star played the rather unpleasantly named “Gas Chamber” game. Medics say it’s dangerous because it gets alcohol absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

[Winehouse] performed the stunt after a round of 20 shots were brought to the table. Says the source: “She necked the top of the shot and lit the rest with a lighter. Then she grabbed a straw and sucked what was left up her nose.”

I’m just saying maybe we can work something out. Maybe if you just kill yourself now, which would be like having me the Super Bowl, um, well, that wouldn’t work out so much for you. But it would be bananas for my fantasy league. And yes, I know bananas was like so 2006, but it’s appropriate. Trust me.

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