And now Trey promptly takes his foot out of his sober mouth

?When Phish broke up, I made some comment about how I?m not gonna go around playing ?You Enjoy Myself? for the rest of my life,? Anastasio said with a laugh. ?And it?s so funny because Fish and Mike and Page have been talking to each other a lot lately and now ? it?s not that I can?t believe that I said that, but its symbolic of how much I lost my mind or how much I lost my bearings or something. Because at this point in time I would give my left nut to play that song five times in a row every day until I die. I certainly thought about that while I was in jail.? [Rolling Stone]

Wondering if he was also thinking about his cell-mate and having flashbacks to watching Shawshank Redemption with the guys.? Regardless, I sort of hope that Phish doesn’t get back together, which is blasphemous, I know.

It’s just that these type of reunions almost never work out, the magic that was there in the first place generally isn’t there or it is but it’s off by a fraction.? Enough to notice a slight difference.?? Was there anything worse than the stories about Coventry and Whitehall when the band had no spark and the letter Trey wrote to fans announcing the band’s breakup four years ago?

Anyway, when Trey, Mike, Page and Fish were on, there was no better musically oiled machine.? The left heads exploding in the aisles and though we can assume that drugs played a part in their breakup, fans have never really gotten a truthful explanation of what the hell happened to the foursome.? How did seemingly four best friends end up on the outs with one another.? Or was it just Trey who was on the outside looking in?

And yet .? .? .? and yet.? I find myself thinking about all the shows I’ve been to and thinking what if?

“Bohemian Rhapsody” 12/31/96 Fleet Center, Boston, MA

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  • Jason (The Mason) May 31, 2008, 10:23 am

    Sounds like your friend really dropped the (goo) ball. I don’t know if you can trust what you get at those shows though. Phish was something else. I like to think they didn’t have that spark anymore after peaking in 97. Then again, I recently listeded to Live in Brooklyn, recorded in 2004. It’s amazing!

    P.S. OMG… I just caught Match Box in LA. I’m heading up the coast to see them in San Fran. I heard Rob Thomas may be there.

  • Scott May 29, 2008, 10:29 am

    I went to a Phish show once with this dude who scored free tickets from an uncle and was then cool enough to miracle a trustafarian outside the Centrum with his extra ticket in exchange for some goo balls fill with magic mushrooms. Seemed like a fair deal. As I became excited to partake in some funky chunks the miracle man promptly threw the goodies in the trash can as not to be caught by the authorities with the magical edibles. The high I felt from his initial good will and savvy business sense was thrashed unlike Trey?s guitar in an ecstatic delight but in a deep sadness of the Narc like ways he wasted yumy Goo Balls. It was a rollercoaster of emotion which washed from my green glitter coverd face. I drank a little OJ as Sample began playing me back to the groovy waves I first felt. Thank you Phish for saving me in that moment, please get back together. I’ve been following Match Box 20 around the country for so long now?I?m so lonely.