Arcade Fire scoring Richard Kelly’s ‘The Box’

Taking some time off from campaigning for Sen. Barack Obama, The Arcade Fire are about to hop into a recording studio to score the new film for director Richard Kelly.

Kelly, who is in need of a moderate to big hit after the stink turd that was Southland Tales, didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet.? In interviews for The Box he was very coy about the “very famous band who is honoring us,” unfortunately, producer Markus Dravs wasn’t so tight lipped.

On his website, he writes “”…. having finished Coldplay’s forthcoming album VivaLaVida – now off to Canada to work with Arcade Fire on a Sound-track for the forth coming Richard Kelly film…..”

The Box stars Cameron Dias and James Marsden (who can act up a shit storm.? Seriously, Cyclops from the X-Men.? 27 Dresses is perhaps one of the worst romantic comedies ever made but he’s quite good in it.) as a couple who open their door to find a box containing a button. If they push the button, they will receive $1 million. Only thing is–someone will die if they press it.? It’s based on a Richard Matheson short story, which is always a good thing.

I’d love to see what this band can do on a film score.? Their music is so atmospheric and foreboding to begin with.

Also: Richard Kelly is not involved with that Donnie Darko sequel, S. Darko. Which means the sequel should be straight to DVD.

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