Arts and Craft albums for $7.99 on iTunes

artscraftalbumsI don’t usually do consumerism type posts; but I figured what the hell and give everyone a heads up that Arts & Crafts, the record label home of Broken Social Scene and their many offshoots, plus several other great bands, are selling their albums for $7.99 on iTunes.  I guess you could consider it an early Christmas present from the label, which is easily one of my five favorite record labels.

That’s a pretty good deal and really includes some stellar albums, among them:

Broken Social Scene (You Forgot It In People, Feel Good Lost, Bee Hives, Broken Social Scene)
BSS Presents Kevin Drew (Spirit If…)
BSS Presents Brendan Canning (Something For All of Us…)
Stars (Heart, Set Yourself On Fire, Do You Trust Your Friends?, In Our Bedroom After The War)
Amy Millan (Honey From The Tombs)
Los Campesinos! (Hold On Now, Youngster…)
Feist (Let It Die, Open Season)
Jason Collett (Motor Motel Love Songs, Idols of Exile, Here’s To Being Here)
Apostle of Hustle (Folkloric Feel, National Anthem of Nowhere)
New Buffalo (The Last Beautiful Day, Somewhere, Anywhere)
The Most Serene Republic (Underwater Cinematographer, Population)
Constantines (Kensington Heights)
The Stills (Oceans Will Rise)

I’m also not the biggest supporter of purchasing music on iTunes because of their DRM restrictions and would probably recommend at least 10 other digital music stores, but these prices are pretty exceptional – as are the albums.

Also: Broken Social Scene on Letterman last night.  Awesome.

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