Bill Cosby turns to hip hop

Bill Cosby is um, cutting a rap album tentatively titled, State of Emergency. He’s been on the whole, black people need to get their act together thing for so long that it’s almost offensive. I honestly think he’s gone batshit crazy. The album will cover such issues as teen pregnancy, crime, parenting and drug abuse.?

I know things can be bad with any group of people, but c’mon it’s not all bad.? Criticize where you must, but please don’t sell short.?

A sampling of what he might drop lyrically?

?All black parents can do right by their children, and all black children can succeed. There is no reason why not.?

?Use standard English when you have your kids together, not Black English. They?ll hear enough of that in the streets?Watch the movie My Fair Lady. All cultures discriminate against people who have not mastered the standard language, and when race is involved, it is all that much harder for a nonstandard speaker to feel competent or even at home in the culture.?

Sounds like this one could go over real well. I mean on one level I get what he’s trying to do, but on another I just wish Dr. Huxtable would put on a sweater and crawl into a hole.

However, in Cos’s defense his album he cut with Quincy Jones back in 1969 was off the hook. ? If he can pull some’o’dat magic out of a hat than I’ll be first in line to pick up the new album.

And he also stopped by Letterman recently.? Part 1 and Part 2.

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