Coldplay working on something different


Coldplay are hard at work on their fourth studio effort with producer Brian Eno.? They’re promising it’s going to be “something different” which may mean different from the sorta okay rock tunes we’ve heard from them in the past and more closely like the sounds of U2.

We kid.

To record their fourth album, the band hired legendary producer Brian Eno and pointedly tried to remove all outside influences. “We felt like the first three albums were a trilogy, and we finished that,” says guitarist Johnny Buckland. “So we wanted to do something different.” The band let Rolling Stone hear the songs they’re working on, and most are refreshingly, bracingly different from Coldplay hits like “Clocks” and “Speed of Sound.”

Several tracks are considerably rougher around the edges, with distorted guitars and more prominent percussion. The lyrics are darker, dealing with recurring themes of death and loneliness. And on several songs, Martin extends his vocal palette considerably beyond the falsetto that has largely defined him, exhibiting a lower, sexier mode that feels more personal and real. “Whether or not it’s good, we certainly started to use more colors,” says Martin. “It’s impossible to please everybody, and it took us a while to learn that. It’s just the freedom to say, ‘Everyone might not like this. We’re into it at the moment, so let’s just get it done.’ “

Whether or not that means it’ll be good to great is a story for another day.? Lots of songs open with jagged guitar riffs, electro dance loops or weepy piano chords; there’s even a song with Afro-pop influences.? Somewhere Vampire Weekend is saying to back off our shit, and somewhere even further Paul Simon has thrown up in his mouth.

The entire article has a look at which songs will appear on the new album.? How much do you want to bet Coldplay offers a “pay what you want” for their new album and nobody cares?

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