Eliot Spitzer’s Prostitute revealed!


Her name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre and the question now is: was she worth it? Only if she sung to the ex-governor. Seems Ms. Dupre has cut a few tracks and music is her passion, well her other passion. Zing.

From the NY Times:

Music is her first love, and on the MySpace page, Ms. Dupr? mentions Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra, Christina Aguilera and Lauryn Hill among a long list of influences, including her brother, Kyle. (She also lists Whitney Houston, Madonna, Mary J. Blige and Amy Winehouse as her top MySpace friends.) In the interview, she said she saw the Rolling Stones perform at Radio City Music Hall on their last tour after a friend gave her two tickets. ?They were amazing,? she said.

On MySpace, her page says: ?I am all about my music and my music is all about me. It flows from what I?ve been through, what I?ve seen and how I feel.?

Werd. Anyway, if you head to Amie Street you can pick up her club anthem, if that’s what you what to call it, “What We Want.” Or you can listen to it at her Myspace page. Again though, it might make your ears bleed.

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