Fluffhead feels the pervailing winds changing direction

[Bassist Mike] Gordon says he and his former bandmates plan to meet soon to discuss getting back together. The guys have spent the past few years working on individual music projects. Gordon recently released a new CD. He says, “I am definitely focusing on my own thing, but in my opinion the Phish thing is pretty likely at this point, because people are so healthy and enthusiastic about it among the band members. The vibe is really good.”

The vibe is good. Sounds good doesn’t it? The one thing that was missing from their last few tours, when it just wasn’t there – the quality, the love for each other, the thing that Phish always had. The good vibes.

Still, it’s all rumors at this point and I won’t be holding my breath until the four walk out onto the stage together and rip up the joint. Preferably on trampolines.

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  • Ace Cowboy August 24, 2008, 4:40 pm

    Believe it when you see it.