Grand Funk Railroad – “I’m Your Captain” (and sober free)

Recorded in 1972 at Madison Square Garden.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I get down with the Grand Funk Railroad.  They get a bad rep for some of their lamer songs, admittedly.  The problem was the band didn’t fit neatly into the divergent musical genres of the times.  They can’t really be lumped in with the soft rock of James Taylor and Jackson Browne and they weren’t really part of the prog rock of say Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, etc. or really at the front in the seedlings of heavy metal.  They were just a rockin’ band with some great tunes and they have become sorely overlooked.

Anyway, watch the video and laugh your ass off at about the four-minute mark, when all of a sudden a narrator comes on and says “Grand Funk Railroad is against hard drugs … ” and the video is like some sort of metaphysical jam: I’m Your Captain –> hard drugs documentary –> I’m Your Captain.

At least they jammed back into “I’m Your Captain.”

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