Hometown Throwdown

So by all accounts the Bosstones simply rocked the Middle East and their fans for a good five night stand. I didn’t get a chance to go, seeing as tickets sold out in seven minutes, and I don’t live in Boston anymore and thinking about not being there only really makes me kinda sad.

But fans of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones speak as if this was something that needed to happen, something that was cathartic, an Christmas present you secretly hope for but don’t think you’ll get but then there it is underneath the tree and all in the world is alright.


There are lots of great photos up on Flikr from their run at the Middle East and even some great ones of their NYE show in Providence, R.I. I thought there would be more video of the event, but it’s not great quality and with everyone being so cognizant of YouTube and video these days you wouldn’t think that would be the case. I guess I’d rather have people going to the show who just wanna rock out and enjoy it and aren’t so concerned with getting video.

But here’s a sampling of some of the best I could find.

Cowboy Coffee 12/30

Never Lose My Wallet 12/30

Dr. D 12/30

Simmer Down/Rascal King 12/30

You can almost see the sweat and excitement and joy just emanating from the audience and the band. Can it get much better? Here’s an account from Missmp who was on hand:

So. The Bosstones. I don’t even know what to say! Everyone danced. Everyone sang along. Everyone threw their hands up at the right times–even my husband when they covered Rudie Can’t Fail! (Which was hysterical, because the girl in front of me was clearly there with her scally-capped boyfriend, and she knew the Bosstones songs but looked mighty confused when everyone was singing along to Rudie. Her boyfriend finally went, “It’s an old Clash song!” which nearly made Jay pass out. Sacrilege!)

And that pretty much sums up my feelings on the Mighty Mighty Bosstones: they’re the embodiment of everything I love about my home city–loyalty, attitude, self-deprecation, idealism, work ethic, and a gruff exterior masking a marshmallowy center. All that, plus a beat you can dance, scream, mosh, and drink to. What’s not to love?

Not exactly an in depth review but if you want the ins-and-outs you can by all means head over here or here for an actual review of the show.

On a personal note, it’s good to be back. I spent yesterday working on some changes for the site and we have a few more to come, but it was mighty difficult to just put the baby down for almost two weeks and not stop by and check in on her once. I hope you missed us, I hope you’re excited for year number 2.

It’s amazing being away and realizing we missed so many good things to share with you, but then we almost feel like we didn’t miss that much either, ya know? If you’re lucky maybe I’ll tell you about my flight home from Boston to Portland. Let’s just say one lucky flight attendant got a vomit present from yours truly. Good times, good times.

Unrelatedly, did anyone spend their NYE with Radiohead? We didn’t but we did enjoy watching the program Scotch Mist the next day.

We’ll be back tonight to clean out the closet on movie reviews we watched over the break and then we’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming.

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