If there was ever a time for a Jeff Mangum profile it would be now

For any fan of Neutral Milk Hotel (their website is down from getting swamped with traffic?!?) it’s been something of a blast having Jeff back in the spotlight, but obviously we’re wondering two things.  One, how does Jeff feel about slightly being back in the spotlight and two, is NMH going to put out another record?  There’s only one person who can answer that, but I’ve got to believe it felt pretty good on some sort of emotional level to have a crowd of admirers serenade him with “Happy Birthday” last night in Lexington, KY.  Matt has an Mp3 of the occassion from last night’s Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour show and the accompanying picture is one of the best rock photos I’ve seen anywhere.  The look on Jeff Mangum’s face is one I won’t stop thinking about.  Because I want to know what he’s thinking.  It feels as if something special is about to happen for music fans. [YANP]

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