Impromptu Vanilla Ice impression in poor taste

Let’s pretend you’re an entertainment anchor for television station KTLA in Los Angeles. Now let’s pretend you’re reporting on the very serious topic of domestic abuse and the perp in question happens to be Vanilla Ice. How would you go about conveying the seriousness of the situation?

Would you perhaps bust out your Vanilla Ice impersonation complete with backup dancers? No, no you wouldn’t. Because you would take domestic abuse serious and never corelate waxing a chump like a candle with alleged domestic abuse.

Unfortunately, the actual KTLA anchor shows poor taste. Is it too much for her to be fired over this? Probably.

The worst part of the whole affair is that the song came out in like 1990 or 91 and she says she was rapping along in 1994 and she even confuses the lyrics and says “wax a chunk like a candle.”

Okay, the actual worst part of all is Robert Van Winkle allegedly beating up his wife. [via]

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