Jake Shimabukuro gently weeps on Conan

Damn.? If you thought the ukulele was for lame ass Hawaiian music, then you’ve probably never heard of Jake Shimabukuro.? This video of him playing on Conan O’Brian two nights ago is awesome for several reasons.

A) He plays George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” which may be one of the greatest songs ever written.

B) He absolutely shreds the guitar solo.

C) He keeps smiling and concentrating, like he’s playing Guitar Hero, but really he’s just that passionate about the song.? It’s a very off-putting way to melt someone’s face.

D) When Conan goes in for the handshake, Shimabukuro goes in for the man hug and Conan had his face melted so much that he obliges.? I have never seen Conan in awe.

E) His Myspace page says “Peace, love & Ukulele.”? Yes please.

F) Afterwards Eric Clapton called Shimabukuro and said, “I was wrong.? You in fact are God.”

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