Jenny Lewis back in the studio for “Rabbit Fur Coat” follow up

jennylewis.jpgRilo Kiley lead singer Jenny Lewis is back in San Fernando’s Sun Studio working on her second solo record with producer Jason Larder. The album will feature guest appearances from Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, Elvis Costello, M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel (they of recent She & Him fame).

“It all sounds super natural, nice, and simple,” a source said. “Like it doesn’t belong in any decade. It’s just timeless.” No release date has been set for the effort, the follow-up to Lewis’ first solo outing with the Watson Twins, 2006’s ‘Rabbit Fur Coat.’

Until then maybe we’ll get more of that timeless country sound or will she go in the shiny pateen of Rilo’s Under the Blacklight, or is it possible she’ll just surprise everyone with something different?

I can’t tell if this is super funny or just really awkward.

You heard it here first, but if this record does well then Jenny Lewis is totes kicking Rilo Kiley to the curb. Good thing guitarist Blake Sennett has Winona Ryder.

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