John Lennon died on this day in 1980

We all know the story of what happened when John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman.  The tragic loss of one of music’s most beloved artists.  Yoko is asking for people to share their memories or thoughts about John at Imagine Peace.  You can do so below or here.

I wasn’t alive really to have any actual memories of John Lennon, but for me listening to The Beatles and later his solo stuff, I think in many ways allowed my dad and I to bond over something besides baseball.  I think it gave us something else to share and for that I could never thank John Lennon enough.

And as always, you can watch John hanging with Bob Dylan drunk in the back of a cab. Surreal and boring video of music’s two finest song smiths.

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  • Carmela Tal December 8, 2008, 5:37 am


    The day after the night John
    Lennon died I became an American
    citizen. Needless to say it was gloomy
    and blue; blue, dark blue that felt like gray,
    not only because it was raining heavily all
    the time. Obviously the sun had a good
    reason not to step out that day.

    The day after the night
    John Lennon died
    I became an American citizen.
    The gate that was meant to be
    opening up when I said I Do
    to a new constitution, turned
    into heavy metal

    gates closing rapidly on the
    Dakota building, right next door
    to where I have just nested my
    newly fledged Salamandra
    studio – a dream space, an inter-art
    arena with a vigil and a veil of
    flowers, tears and broken glass.
    It really felt like walking on thin
    thin ice, for quite a while since that
    day after the night John
    Lennon died, the dream that died
    with the man who said I HAVE A
    DREAM died once more and what
    has remained is a REMEMBRANCE and
    a KEY to open up the sky with a musical
    note. Longing for the sublime
    while toning a common bond in
    sound: Let us sing All together
    now, all together now…
    The day after the night John Lennon died,
    the dream I drew with large and minute
    strokes on the sails of my tugboat, was
    blown to the winds of wisdom and
    compassion; like the flock of white balloons Yoko let go,
    let hovering over Strawberry Fields
    ever since, forever the Imagine mandala
    to be a medicine wheel, within
    a will, to be rising in love all over again
    one more time. All together now…

    December 9, 1991, New York City

    Imagine Peace Tower
    Imagine John and Yoko united 4ever in a double flame dance

    Imagine peace
    a tower reaching high
    to touch the sky with
    spearheads of light Looking up
    and below to see the glow of infinite
    love. Remembrance reflected
    in peaceful water. As above
    so below. Light
    and shadow, spiraling up and down
    to be a tower of light, a sound pipe
    for prayers; ocean waves singing
    longing, rocking love hidden
    in the hearts of frozen
    crystals. Listen
    water speaks

    I love you

    Carmela Tal Baron

    Thank you Yoko Ono

    I love you too

    May peace prevail on earth.

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