Johnny Cash’s death five years later


Sorry I missed this yesterday. ?Friday was the fifth anniversary of Johnny Cash’s death. ?To say he was just a country music legend seems sorta beneath him doesn’t it? ?He was much more than that. An inspirational figure for cutting your own swath, gumption, redemption.? I’m not sure I can live without either of his prison live records At San Quentin or At Folsom Prison. ?

When Cash passed away, most music fans familiar with his story found it somehow appropriate or a nice bookend or not all that surprising, given that his amour, June Carter Cash, passed a few months previous. ?The thought of living without her a burden too great for even a survivor like Johnny Cash to bear. ?

To commorate the singer, is streaming a broadcast special featuring remembrances from his daughters Roseanne and Joanne Cash Yates. ?One of the highlights includes the first ever song Cash recorded. ?It’ll only be available for a limited time, but you can download it from?ITunes. ?

“No other entertainer left such an indelible imprint on our society as Cash did,” says Bill Miller, founder of the official Johnny Cash website. “His music and legacy transcend generations and his appeal continues to grow even in death.”

Amen to that. ?These two songs slay me every time I listen to them. Doesn’t matter when I hear them. In fact I’m crying right now just trying to upload them. Damn you Johnny Cash! Damn you straight to heaven.

Johnny Cash – “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”
Johnny Cash – “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

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