Kanye, Pharrell, Lupe and Thom

Rumors have been spreading that Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell are wanting to record a rap supergroup album under the name CRS.? Though there is little validity to the rumor, it’s not going to be qwelled with the video for “Us Placers.”? In it, the three sample Thom Yorke’s “The Eraser.”

It’s not entirely unfounded, however, as Lupe has been on record that an album for the group Child Rebel Soliders would be released in 2008 and the three are going on tour together this year.? Time will tell.

As for the video, it was shot by up and comer Va$htie, on a zero budget and posits the four music superstars as Middle School kids.

Va$htie excites us not just because she’s attractive, young, and brimming with creativity (she’s rumored to be dating Pharrell), but the Lower Eastsider’s youthful energy and creative DIY sensibility (vid was shot on a budget of zero) oozes on-screen in her work.? We expect big things from her in the music video world, and beyond.

Sounds interesting.? The video is pretty awesome in its DIY sensibilities and lo-fi aesethic.? If only Thom Yorke was really teaming up with these three.? That would be some insane music soundscapes. Via: Rex

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