Kurt Cobain’s limited edition Converse One Stars


The Converse One Star is probably my favorite sneaker of all-time. More durable than your regular Chuck T’s and slightly cooler looking. Unfortunately, you can’t really buy them any more, except for like $55 online. That kinda sucks.

Thankfully, Converse has launched a limited edition version that pay respect to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Cobain wore the sneakers right up until his death so somehow this all makes sense. The sneakers are going to be released as part of Converse’s year-long 100th anniversary celebration “Welcome to the Converse Century”.

(Side note: Whit’s reasons for loving them are very similar to our own)

There will be several designs made, including some taken from Cobain’s journals. There is no indication when or where these sneaks will be available to pick up.


H/T: The Daily Swarm

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