Lily Allen should get back to making cheeky music

Talk about stiff and awkward.? Lily Allen has her own talk show on BBC Three, Lily Allen and Friends and well, it’s not good.? Well, that’s kind of a lie.

It’s good in that wide stance sort of way.? When you’re trying to go to the bathroom and an undercover cop brushes your leg and then you wonder if that was good or bad and then next thing you know you’re getting arrested and being asked to resign from the Senate.? And the whole time you’re thinking how did that happen?? I was just trying to take care of business.

It’s awesome and awkward in that kind of way.? So not good at all.? Poor Martin Freeman is all we can say. (via: The Daily Swarm)

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your Lily Allen craving, hit the jump for Parts 2,3 and if you act now we’ll throw in part 4!

Part Dos

Part Tres

Part Quatro

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