Morning Links

Just a few things to start your day with.? Let’s get it kicked off.

Rachel Ray and her annoying mouse voice are rumored to not like Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.? You know, the coffee she gets paid to endorse.? Alls I can say is why don’t they fire her.? I’ll gladly take her paycheck and shoot the commercials and drink the coffee.? Yeah I know it tastes really watery (much in the same way Starbucks always taste burnt and dirty) but the last sip of Dunkin’s when it’s all sugar at the bottom is a great way to start the morning.

– Rodrigo over at the always excellent The Playlist is reporting that Karen O, she of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame, is penning the soundtrack for the delayed Spike Jonze-directed/Dave Eggers-written Where the Wild Things Are.? This is one of our most anticpated movies of 2008 and adding Karen O to the mix brings it up a notch. ? Glad to see that ex-lovers can still work together.

– Daniel Day-Lewis’s iconic role as Daniel Plainview (is it too early to call this one a historically good performance yet?) in the best reviewed movie this year, There Will Be Blood, even has a catch phrase.? Not bad.? If you haven’t seen the movie he screams the line “I drank your milkshake!” and for one reason or another people have latched onto it.? It didn’t take long for someone to introduce Plainview to Kelis.

– Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand spoke with Billboard about recording their third album and they are calling it a “dirty pop album.”? Whatever that means.? So long as they aren’t going the Britney Xtina approach.

– According to Brooklyn Vegan, the Smithsonian is opening an exhibit dedicated to hip-hop that will run from Feb. 8 until Oct. 26.

– Chantreuse Neko Case, excellent solo or doing duty with New Pornographers, is now getting immortalized in cartoon form on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and then on a new Adult Swim Show. ? That new show is titled Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge, so of course Neko is the voice of Cheyenne.? God once asked Neko to be his voice for human ears.? True story.

– New Sex and the City poster is out.? Carrie is so super-duper glamorous.? Oh my god!

– It’s not just athletes using HGH and Steroids.? It’s also the rappers like 50 Cent.? Well rumored anyway.? Also mentioned were Mary J. Blige and uber-producer Timbaland.? Huh?

– A bit of sad news, but Brit pop-tart Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage with her boyfriend, The Chemical Brothers Ed Simons.? We wish her all the best in recovering and dealing with this unfortunate news.

– J.J. Abrams is casting for his next television series and it sorta sounds like a rip off of The X-Files, but not as good.? But it is J.J. Abrams right?? So we have to give him the benefit of the doubt.? He’s earned that much.

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