Morning Links

Just a few quick things to get your day started off.? These are some things we found interesting, but just didn’t have the time to delve deeper into.

– Vanity Fair is reporting that they have an exclusive photo from Baz Luhrman’s new movie, Australia, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.? Which means it’s no longer exclusive.? The movie, according to the director, in a word: it’s big.

– The Writers Guild is signing side deals left and right these days, which means instead of one grand moment when? the strike is over we may never even know.? One day things will just be back to normal.? I hope this is the case.? As last night during Lost I had one of those “fucking writers strike” moments.? I so want there to be more than eight episodes.

– Jim Hill Media, the resident source for all things Disney, is reporting that National Treasure 3 & 4 are in the works.

– Ellen Page reflects on what it would have been like working for newbie director Heath Ledger on his passion-project, The Queen’s Gambit.? It was about chess, which Ledger supposedly played every single day and was also rumored to be at the master level.

– Rodrigo has the scoop on a supposed Marvin Gaye biopic starring Jesse L. Martin in the lead and James Gandolfini.

– The New Pornographers and Okkervil River will be touring together this spring.? That’s pretty amazing, except they’re not coming to Portland.? I’m just devestated. Pitchfork has all the tour dates.

– The great old-timey soul M. Ward talks to Billboard about his new collab with actress Zooey Deschanel.? The duo are known as She & Him.

– Glide Magazine has a new Mp3 from the forthcoming Black Crowes album, Warpaint.? You should grab it now.

– Los Compesinos! talk to The Guardian about music and internet infamy.

– And finally, The Phoenix examines our culture’s fascination with cuteness.

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