Morning links

Just a few things we want to mention without giving them the due diligence they no doubt haven’t earned.? Chew on that logic over your cup of coffee.

~ Mario Van Peebles has taken the unusual career move by going back to daytime soap operas.? Say wah?? This is the guy who directed New Jack City, otherwise known as the movie that defined 5th grade for me.? And a few years ago he wrote and directed Badasss! which wasn’t just a clever title, the movie really was badasss, though in it’s defense it probably needed like five more esses.

~ Slate has the steamy scenes in the upcoming salacious biography on Mr. Scientology, Tom Cruise.? And um, he wasn’t play acting during the volleyball scene with Goose.? We keed, apparantly Tom Cruise could make Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain blush with his female sexual conquests.

~ Lifehacker has the goods on where to find free and um, legal, music on the internet.

~ Which is good because NPR isn’t convinced by the RIAA’s own denials about the legality of burning copies of CDs to your computer.

~ Courtney Love wants Scarlett Johansson to play her in an in development movie, Heavier Than Heaven, about her and Kurt.? Oh, and she wants Ryan Gosling to play the Nirvana frontman.? Word is in her version of the movie she’s cut out Dave Grohl and Chris Noveselic and um, the drug use and bad mothering and she decided to change the ending and surprise!? Kurt lives in the end.? Truth is though, even I want ScarJo to play me in the film version of my life.

~ Have you seen the fake teaser trailer for the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot?? It was done by a VFX guy and it’s actually really well done, as far as teaser trailers go.

~ Elijah Wood is pumped to revisit Middle Earth.? And Frodo, we’re so right there with you bud.

~ T.C. Boyle has a new short story in The New Yorker.? He’s the bees knees and mucho underapreciated as far as current writers go.

~ The Advocate sits down with director Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball) about his upcoming Sundance entry The Mysteries of Pittsburgh based on the novel by Michael Chabon.

~ Vic over at Screenrant has a look at the new FOX show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.? We’ll have our review late tonight after the premiere’s second episode to fully take stock.? While we mostly agree with Vic, we’re a tad more forgiving.? But if you read what he has to say, it’s not far from what we were thinking.

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  • Ace Cowboy January 14, 2008, 11:58 am

    Love TC Boyle. Drop City is fucking magnificent.

  • franQ January 14, 2008, 11:18 am

    Don’t believe anything writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber says or the pat answers he gives as to why he felt it necessary to butcher Michael Chabon’s THE MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH by changing 85% of the original story.

    Mr. Thurber claims he read the book and “fell in love with it.” So why make ANY changes at all?

    If you’re a fan of this novel, I advise you to not waste time or $$ seeing the film version… After all, what’s MOP without gay Arthur? And who wants to see Phlox reduced to Art’s “sometimes girlfriend” or worse yet, a bisexual Cleveland?

    Check out the official MOP Film Boycott for more info.