MTV invades Portland

MTV swings down to our little neck in the woods to let 14-year-old girls everywhere know that PDX has rain, trees, great music, breweries, coffee shops, basement shows, organic food, blah blah blah. Thanks for stating the obvious MTV.

Regardless, they round up a who’s who of musicians to talk about how awesome Little Beirut is. Faces you’ll recognize belong to Colin Meloy, M. Ward, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, YACHT, Starfucker, Menomena, Panther, Valet, White Rainbow, Au, etc. There are less familiar faces, too, like Eat Skull, White Fang, Southern Belle, Fist Fite, etc.

“Everyone is in a band. Your waiter, your record store clerk, the guy who pumps your gas because it’s illegal to pump your own in Oregon.” Truer words my friends. Though not everyone, since my musical abilities stop at playing the air drums.

Seriously though, if the food is incredible (which it is to a degree) how come it’s impossible to find a decent slice of pizza here? And under no circumstances should a large pie cost $18. Just sayin’. All in all, the move to PDX has been well worth it, even if there is a brewing war between motorists and bicyclists and I’m on the wrong side by driving a car.

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