New Ben Folds video – “You Don’t Know Me At All”

Piano maestro and singer Ben Folds has earned enough lifetime fan credits from me for his early work in Ben Folds Five between Whatever and Ever Amen and especially The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner.? He hasn’t entirely squandered those credits with his solo work, but there’s something missing from it.? Truth be told it’s just not on the same level of quality as his Five days.? I don’t know if that’s a conscientious thing or if it’s that he’s trying to get mainstream acceptance.

The video for his new song was directed by Tim and Eric of Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job! and though guest Regina Spektor is nowhere to be found (for shame!) the video is like a bizarre Kids in the Hall sketch, which is saying something because every Kids in the Hall sketch was bizarre and slightly askew.

The part I’m having a hard time with is the disconnect between how catchy, breezy and enjoyable “You Don’t Know Me at All” is and how much it sounds like a saccharine song written specifically for the soundtrack to a Meg Ryan romantic comedy.? George Clooney might star opposite her in this one, so at least it’s got that going for it.

You Dont Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor)

Also: How awesome is it that Ben Folds Five is reuniting for a one-off show in Chapel Hill, NC to play the entirety of Reinhold Messner?? If I had the flow to fly down there I’d be at that show without question.? One hopes it goes so well that Ben Folds, Darren Jesse and Robert Sledge realize they need to permanently play music together again.

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